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13500 BTU White Dometic Blizzard AC
13500 BTU White Dometic Blizzard AC

13500 BTU White Dometic Blizzard AC

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13500 BTU White Dometic Blizzard AC
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Designed from the ground up, the Blizzard NXT has a powerful motor and fan, providing industry-leading 350 CFM airflow and advanced engineering that maximizes airflow around the evaporator coils for better and more efficient cooling performance. Expanded polypropylene (EPP foam) construction provides better insulation, reduces weight and unwanted condensation. Use of heavy sheet metal is minimized to improve performance and eliminate noise issues.

The Blizzard NXT is sleek and aerodynamic, with a composite base pan and injection-molded shroud that are UV stable and rated for high impact. It was stringently tested for durability in the most extreme environmental conditions.

With more capacity and higher air flow, the Blizzard NXT is ideal for QuietZone™ ducted return applications and is available pre-configured for quick installation with modular connectors, reinforced steel mounting plates, and densityoptimized gaskets and mounting blocks. It can also be ducted directly into the RV with a return air grille for multiple-zone systems. It is compatible with Dometic CCC II multi-zone thermostats, providing a perfect cooling solution for fifth wheels, travel trailers, and motor homes.

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