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16', 19-1/2' and 22-1/2' Jam Nut Wheel Simulator

16", 19-1/2" and 22-1/2" Jam Nut Wheel Simulator

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Part Number: 928050
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Feature: 7.65054E+11
Feature: Dicor
Feature: Vehicles & Parts > Vehicle Parts & Accessories > Motor Vehicle Parts > Motor Vehicle Wheel Systems > Motor Vehicle Tires
Feature: Tires
Feature 5 9.49
The only 4-hose air system designed exclusively for Dicor’s Versa-Liner Wheel Simulators. Allows easy access to both inner and outer dual wheels for inflating tires or checking pressure. Flexible braided stainless steel protects a hydraulic hose that won’t kink and form weak spots. Hose sets mount easily to valve stems using stainless steel mounting brackets included. There is no drilling, pop-rivets or special tools required. Does not fit Versa-Liner sets 96-8258 or 96-8262 – use 92-8061 for these liners.

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