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25''C' Series Rv Jacks

25""C" Series Rv Jacks

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Feature: 7.02028E+11
Feature: BAL
Feature: Hardware > Tools > Hoisting > Jack Lifts
Feature: RV Jacks and Levelers > C Series Jack
Feature 5 9.49
Combine the strength of a Rv leveling jack with the steadiness of a stabilizing jack! New, highly engineered, low profile design is perfect for use with travel trailers and fifth wheels. High strength allows for stabilizing increased loads and fine leveling. Rapid extension provides quick activation of both up and own movements. Integrated foot makes for secure, increased ground contact to prevent slipping or sinking. Features advanced, corrosion-resistant finish for years of dependable use. Boxed set of two 25". Includes crank handle. Foot pads and telescoping channel sold separately.

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