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30A RV Power Cord Flat Reel
30A RV Power Cord Flat Reel

30A RV Power Cord Flat Reel

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30A RV Power Cord Flat Reel
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This easy to install 30 amp cord flat reel retrieves quickly and stores compactly, while eliminating tangled and kinked cords. Pull the cord and it free spools off the reel; pull off only what is needed. To retrieve, simply push the button. Features include horizontal spool with flat mounting side, anodized aluminum spool sides and core, power coated galvanized steel side frames. No remote control is necessary and hose is easily replaced with standard hand tools. Includes 40 feet of 10/3 flexible cord. 12 VDC or 24 VDC chain drive gear motor; no clutches-system always engaged; 4-6 amp draw in normal operation; up to 12 amps in locked rotor condition; motor overload trips between 10-12 amps. 16" W x 12" D x 6" H. 26 lbs.

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