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RV Furnace Duct Cover - 4 7/8
RV Furnace Duct Cover - 4 7/8'- Suburban

RV Furnace Duct Cover - 4 7/8"- Suburban

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Suburban Duct Cover Shields and Covers Your RV Furnace Duct.
Part Number: 798745- Mfg # 050733
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RV Furnace Duct Cover by Suburban

Manufacturer's Number: 050733

4-7/8" duct cover made by Suburban is available for your RV Furnace. This suburban duct cover is used to shield and cover your furnace duct.
Suburban high performance furnaces are used in most of the motor homes, travel trailers, vans and campers on the road today. Versatile, low profile furnaces offer maximum ducted heating for mid-size and large RVs. At only 71/2" high, they can be easily installed in areas that might otherwise be left unused. Features identical cabinet dimensions for installation flexibility, quiet, multi-ported stainless steel burners, top or side rear gas and electrical connections, sealed forced-draft combustion, automatic direct spark ignition, low amp draw and optional exterior access door for installation and service access.

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