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  5. 7640 Master Flush Ceramic Toilet in White
7640 Master Flush Ceramic Toilet in White
7640 Master Flush Ceramic Toilet in White

7640 Master Flush Ceramic Toilet in White

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7640 Toilet
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The First Pedal-operated Macerator Toilet Delivers Power and Comfort Step RV owners up to a powerful, comfortable macerator toilet without the premium price of an all-ceramic toilet. The MasterFlush 7640 RV toilet is the first pedal-operated macerating toilet in the recreation vehicle industry. Fitting in the same space as older RV toilets, the MF 7640 toilet offers a user-friendly, powerful performance upgrade from typical gravity-flush toilets. It easily replaces many gravity-flush toilets, or makes a great “second” toilet without being located directly above the waste tank. With a dual-stage impeller/macerator pump, this toilet pulverizes effluent and toilet paper with as little as 0.17 gal./0.64 l of water. Because its discharge plumbing completely isolates the holding tank, the MF 7640 toilet eliminates the possibility of any waste tank odors entering a bathroom. Key benefits Powerful macerator flush Two flush modes: Normal (0.67 gal./2.54 l) and Low (0.17 gal./0.64 l) per flush Multifunction flush pedal – press partially to add water; press fully to flush Swirl-jet flush action assures more thorough rinsing of entire bowl Reduces bathroom odor - no more toilet bowl opening to waste tank Direct replacement for gravity-flush RV toilets - mounts to existing floor flange with 10-in./25.4 cm rough-in Discharge options allow installation in second bathroom located away from waste tank Self-contained unit - no separate flush switch to install "Full" tank shutdown relay prevents overfilling waste tank Macerated effluent is more thoroughly, more easily discharged from tank 12 volt DC operation

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