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Adco Class C Motorhome Cover Designer Tyvek RV Cover, 26'1
Adco Class C Motorhome Designer RV Cover 26' 1" -29'

Adco Class C Motorhome Cover Designer Tyvek RV Cover, 26'1" - 29'

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Adco Motorhome Designer RV Covers for 26' 1" - 29'
Part Number: 922172
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Adco Class C Motorhome Cover, Designer Series, Tyvek- 26' 1"-29'

Adco Class C Motorhome 3-Layer RV Covers Designer Series

Now up to 40% more Tyvek® RV

Adco Designer Series Class C Motorhome Covers for High Sun Exposure, High Moisture, & Snow is the most durable All-Season RV Cover on the Market!

Water Resistant                     Front and Rear                     Reinforced Corners Resist
 Yet Breathable                      Clinching System                 
Snags and Tears

Vents                                                                     Weighted Assist
Straps and Buckles

Zippered Entry Panels For Covered Access

Adco Class C Motorhome RV Cover- Designer Series Specifications:
  • Zipper Entry Panels
  • Breathable 3 LAYERS of fabric on Top and Side Panels
  • 3 Layer Dupont Tyvek RV Top Panel -White- now with 40% more Tyvek fabric  
  •    extends below most awnings
  • 3 Layer High Performance Polypropylene Sides -Tan-insures breathability
  • Clinching System To Remove Slack
  • Reinforced Corners To Reduce Wear
  • Highly Water Resistant Top Panel
  • Attached Straps And Buckles hold cover in place
  • Elasticized Front and Rear Corners for a snug fit
  • Storage Bag
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Replacement Warranty
  • High sun exposure, High moisture and/or snow
  • Weighted Strap and Buckle Assist
  • Vents to prevent Billowing
  • Long Term Storage
For Proper Fit:
For proper fit, make sure to include bumpers, ladder and spare tire when measuring your trailer. Do Not include the hitch and ground clearance. Covers are not intended to cover hitch. Do Not rely on your RV manufacturer specifications. Scaled to fit trailers up to 106" Wide and 120" Side-Wall Height (excluding ground clearance). Made to accommodate roof-top accessories such as A/C.  (See chart below for dimensions).

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Adco Class C Motorhome RV Cover, Designer Series- 26' 1"-29'

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