1. Rv Screen Room - 21'-Add A Room LTD - White
Rv Screen Room - 21'-Add A Room LTD - White
Rv Screen Room - 21'-Add A Room LTD - White

Rv Screen Room - 21'-Add A Room LTD - White

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Carefree's 21ft Travel'r/Eclipse Screen Room Works With Pitched Roofs
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RV Add-A-Room LTD
from Carefree of Colorado

RV Add-A-Room from Carefree - NEW for 2005

Carefree's new Add-a-Rooms have changed to accommodate a greater number of vehicles without having to special order. Front panels are 8" taller (104" total), and side panels can fit from 91" to 138" (awning rail to ground) with awning extensions from 88" to 96". Skirting is now 35" high. (Please Note: The new front and side panels are not interchangeable with 2004 and earlier models.) The Add-a-Room includes a front panel and two side panels.

Other features include:

  • Color is bright white
  • 15 oz. 1000 denier reinforced vinyl fabric
  • Zippered privacy panels
  • Room is reversible so the privacy panels can be on the outside for best rain protection
  • Attaches to the coach with 'common sense' (twist lock) fasteners
  • Universal side panels included
  • Snapless side panel kit is optional and sold separately
  • Comes with wheel well cover, skirt and storage bags
  • Compatible with Carefree, A&E, and Faulkner awnings

Choosing a size:

Carefree's RV Add-A-Room LTD's are available in sizes from 12' to 21' in increments of 1'. The room will measure 1'-6" less than the stated size which corresponds to your awning size to allow the awning canopy to overhang the Add-A-Room. Awning sizes are measured as the distance between the centerlines of the arms when retracted. You may select a room that

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