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Box/Thermostat Black
Box/Thermostat Black

Box/Thermostat Black

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Dometic 3313189.015 Single Zone LCD Thermostat and Control Kit Black Comfort and control come together in one superb package. The Dometic Single Zone LCD Thermostat lets you control all interior heating and cooling from one convenient, easy-to-use location. Specifications: •Cool & Furnace Only •Large LCD display makes it easy to see and use in low light levels. •Seven segment LCD numbers and letters improve viewing. •Green LED indicator shows operating mode. •Easy touch click response buttons let you know when you make a change on the control panel. •Displays set temperature actual temperature displayed on demand. •Efficient three-speed fan (high, low, auto) for interior comfort. •Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature display. •Digital temperature calibration maintains room temperature +/- 2. •Auto fan will vary to maintain even room temperature. •Memory retention in case of power loss unit returns to previous set points. Easy installation and set-up: •Three wire connector. •Factory set default temperatures: •Heating 68F/20C. •Cooling 72F/22C. •Furnace mode lets user select 1/ 2 on/off differential. •Open back for pull through wiring. •Back plate with two screws. •Snap in display cover. •12V DC supply. •System diagnostics displayed on demand. •Single Zone LCD Thermostat easily functions up to 75-feet away from the air conditioner/heat pump. •Built-in temperature sensor. Includes: •Single Zone LCD Thermostat Cool/Furnace Only •Control Kit Please note: This thermostat is generally specific to the appliance it is being used with and is not universal. Please do not use with any other application other than that which is specified in the installation and operating instructions. Important: If this item is out of stock please refer to Dometic 3316230.014 LCD Touch Thermostat with Control Kit Black This thermostat isn't made any longer and superseded to the LCD thermostat.

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