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Camco RV Faucet Filter Cartridge
RV Water Filter

Camco RV Faucet Filter Cartridge

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Faucet RV Water Filter
Part Number: 888206
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Feature: 14717406215
Feature: Camco RV
Feature: Hardware > Plumbing > Water Dispensing & Filtration > Water Filtration Accessories
Feature: RV Fresh Water Accessories
Feature 5 9.49
Reduces bad taste, odors, sediments, bacteria, chlorine and much more. Includes filter housing, one extension hose and one replaceable premium spun polypropylene filter cartridge. Filtration begins with water traveling through a porous shell with openings no greater than 5 microns in diameter. Filtered water then passes through a bed of KDFR and GAC (Granulated Activated Carbon) for further filtration and bacteria control. The result is fresh clean, great tasting drinking water straight from your tap. For exterior use.

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