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Dicor Non-Sag RV Lap Sealant - Bright White
RV Lap Sealant No-Sag Dicor 551LSD-1

Dicor Non-Sag RV Lap Sealant - Bright White

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Ideal for rubber roof sealing around skylights & TV antennas.
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Rv Lap Sealant -Non-Self Leveling 10.3 oz. - Dove (Bright White)
Rv Lap Sealant - White Dicor's Rv non-leveling lap sealant 551LSD-1 helps create a water tight seal along the Rv roof's edges, around Rv air vents, Rv vent pipes, Rv air conditioners and screw heads - Compatible with EPDM and TPO sheeting, it offers excellent adhesion to aluminum, mortar, wood, vinyl, galvanized metal and concrete. Stiffer consistency sealant for use on vertical surfaces or where a flowing-style caulk is less desirable. Dicor's non-self-leveling Rv lap sealant 551LSD-1 bead will hold it's shape. UV stabilized to prevent deterioration and discoloration.

*Will not stain or discolor any material to which it is applied.
Tube Size: 10.3 oz.

Dicor Camper Lap Sealant -Self Leveling (For Horizontal Surfaces):

Dicor RV Lap Sealant - HAPS FREE (No Hazardous Air Polluting Solvents)

Dicor Camper Lap Sealat - Non Self Leveling -Non Sag (For Vertical Surfaces)

Rv Lap Sealant -Self Leveling 10.3 oz. -White

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