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Carlisle Tire,  ST-24.50-7.50-13
Carlisle Tire, ST-24.50-7.50-13

Carlisle Tire, ST-24.50-7.50-13

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Building the toughest trailer tire means we needed to engineer the inside to be as strong as the outside. Every component in the Radial Trail HD was updated to outperform the competition. Every component in the Radial Trail HD was optimized to reduce rolling resistance - extending tire life and increasing durability. In real world testing, the Radial Trail HD showed a 10 Percent improvement in tire life.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When selecting an Original Equipment (OE) tire size, note that the proper OE tire size for the vehicle is determined by options or changes by the manufacturer. Original Equipment sizes are based on the best information currently available to us. Variations based on options or changes by the manufacturer may change the Original Equipment size on your vehicle. Please verify the size listed matches the tire size listed on your vehicle (usually found in the door jamb or gas cap) or in the owner's manual. If you are unsure what size is installed on the vehicle please check the size as listed on the tire sidewall.

Load RangeD = 8 Ply Rating
Wheel Diameter13
Section Width Metric Tire185
Aspect Ratio Metric Tire80
Tire Diameter Non Metric Tire24.50
Section Width Non Metric Tire7.50
Tire SegmentTrailer
CircumferenceNot Applicable
Construction MaterialSteel Belted
Tire TypeST
Tire Type DescriptionTrailer
Sidewall DesignBlack Sidewall
Minimum Rim Width5
Maximum Rim Width5
Max Load Rating (Single Rear Wheel Use)1710
Directional Tread DesignNon Directional
DOT CompliantDOT Approved
Overall Section Width7.30
Tread Depth8/32
Max Inflation Pressure65 PSI
Overall Diameter24.7
Uses Inner TubeTubeless
Tread Wear WarrantyNo Warranty Expressed
Road Hazard WarrantyNo Warranty Expressed
Material WarrantyLimited
Ride Quality WarrantyNo Warranty Expressed
Size MetricST-185-80-13
Size Metric Display SizeST 185 80 13
Size Non MetricST-24.50-7.50-13
Size Non Metric Display SizeST 24.50 7.50 13

  • Constructed With A Variable Pitch Design That Reduces Road Noise And Excessive Heat Build-Up Increasing Tire Life
  • Tire Profile And Tread Formulation Creates Lower Resistance, Thus Increasing Fuel Mileage
  • Increased Durability
  • Limited Warranty

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