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Chemical Guys Luminous Lava Wax
Chemical Guys Luminous Lava Wax

Chemical Guys Luminous Lava Wax

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Chemical Guys Luminous Lava Wax

A level of great brightness has arrived with this incredible wax, in order to design a product that could provide great depth, in color and brightness while offering maximum durability, is what characterizes this incredible wax.

Why buy this product?

  • Provides an epic glow for all paint colors, including white
  • Quick and easy application
  • Take paint colors to a new level of brightness and clarity
  • Ultra-soft finish
  • Repels water radiation, pollution and UV rays

About Lava
We wanted to take our most exciting dreams and make them a reality by creating a product that would revolutionize brightness forever. In order to design a product that delivers epic depth and brightness while still offering maximum durability, we had to think outside the box. After months of in-depth laboratory and field tests and experiments carried out by various original equipment manufacturers, draftsmen, car fans and Chemical Guys product testers, we found the light. Lava combines innovation and precision engineering with color enhancement technology to really change the way you see paint forever. Lava takes colors to the next level of incredible.

Size8 oz
ContainerPlastic with screw cap
ShapeSoft paste
UV BlockerYes
Improve the brightnessYes
Water stain protectionYes
Hand applicationYes
Machine applicationYes
Safe for the transparent layerYes
Safe for light colored carsYes
Safe for dark colored carsYes

How to use: 

Traditional wax paste products are known to be extremely difficult to apply and even more difficult to remove. A traditional paste wax needs to be melted on the applicator pad to ensure a smooth and thin layer on the surface. Lava takes all these difficult challenges and sends them running to the deck. The semi-solid texture of Lava allows the user to apply the thinnest layer possible to achieve the highest level of epic luster. Lava extraction is even easier! Simply remove the lava with a few easy strokes with a microfiber quality towel to expose the true and radiant beauty. The application of lava is so quick and easy, anyone can do it!

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