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Concrobium Dehumidifier XL
Concrobium Dehumidifier XL

Concrobium Dehumidifier XL

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Concrobium Dehumidifier XL
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Concrobium Dehumidifier XL

Moisture grabbers xl is the next generation of humidity reduction technology for large, indoor areas. The unique water-absorbing pouches absorb and eliminate excess moisture in areas that are prone to excess humidity. The easy-to-use pouch traps moisture on the inside but stays completely dry on the outside. moisture grabbers xl pouches are great for damp, musty areas such as basements and crawlspaces and for areas that can trap humidity such as attics and garages. They can even be used after flood damage for longer term moisture management. And the easy-to-place design makes them perfect for moisture control in recreational vehicles such as boats and rvs.

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Protects against musty odors, mold and mildew damage and rust 
High performance moisture-capture technology 
No mess, no clean up 
High capacity pouch 
Great for basements, attics, crawlspaces, garage/sheds, cabins/cottages, boats and rvs/campers

  • Next Generation Of Humidity Reduction Technology For Large, Indoor Areas
  • The Unique Water-Absorbing Pouches Absorb And Eliminate Excess Moisture In Areas That Are Prone To Excess Humidity
  • The Easy-To-Use Pouch Traps Moisture On The Inside But Stays Completely Dry On The Outside
  • Recommended For Damp, Musty Areas Such As Basements And Crawlspaces, And For Areas That Can Trap Humidity Such As Attics And Garages
  • Can Even Be Used After Flood Damage For Longer Term Moisture Management
  • The Easy-To-Place Design Makes Them Perfect For Moisture Control In Recreational Vehicles Such As Boats And RVs

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