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Coronado Plus Recliner California Blue
Coronado Plus Recliner

Coronado Plus Recliner California Blue

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Recliner California Blue
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Feature: Plus Size Rv Recliner-Coronado-California Blue
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Coronado Series Recliner- Plus California Blue
Coronado recliners fold up compactly, requiring minimal storage space. A tubular steel frame construction makes them extremely strong and durable. Features include an adjustable headrest that can be removed and replaceable comfort stretch elastic cords. These recliners are available in two different materials — a fast drying mesh or a durable cushioned fabric. Fabrics available are a Golden Harvest mesh fabric, a California Blue cushioned fabric or a Kentucky Green cushioned fabric. Coronado recliners are available in a regular size or a PLUS size. Coronado Plus series recliners are approximately 2” wider and 4” taller than the regular series.
Dimensions:Open: 48"H x 28"W x 37"D. Folded: 41.5"H x 28"W x 6.25"D. 1 per box.

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