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  5. DirectLine Waste Holding Tank Treatment 20 oz.
DirectLine Waste Holding Tank Treatment 20 oz.
DirectLine Waste Holding Tank Treatment 20 oz.

DirectLine Waste Holding Tank Treatment 20 oz.

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Waste Holding Tank Treatment
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DirectLine Waste Holding Tank Treatment 20 oz.

No one wants to think about the holding tank, but you certainly can’t ignore it. Eliminate waste, buildup, and odor with 3X Chemistry’s amazing holding tank cleaning and odor control products. Using advanced nanotechnology and enzyme-producing bacteria, we’ve have exactly what your holding tank needs. New advanced nanotechnology found exclusively in nuGen works at the molecular level to create a self cleaning and odor free tank. Ordinary cleaners contain surfactants that allow dirt and soils to redeposit and create odors. nuGen contains nanoparticles, also called colloidal micelles that bind to waste, tissue, dirt, oil and grease making them insoluble in water and unable to redeposit. These nanoparticles further reach out and attach to the walls of the tank forming a “nano-shield” to create a self cleaning environment. The result is a cleaner and odor free tank 24/7.


  • Works In All Temperatures For Superior Cleaning And Odor Elimination
  • Binds To And Neutralizes Odors On Contact To Prevent New Odors From Forming
  • Keeps Soils From Redepositing Holding Them In Suspension For Easy Discharge
  • 2 Ounces Treats 40 Gallon Tank, 10 Treatments Per Bottle
  • Lubricates Valves And Floats, While Cleaning Sensors
  • Formaldehyde Free And Readily Biodegradable


Weight: 2.5000
Bio/Chemical Type: Nanotechnology
Formaldehyde: No
Deodorant: No
Scent: Odorless
Tank Size: 40 Gallon
Unit Quantity: Single
Unit Size: 20 Ounce
Unit Type: Bottle

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