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Dometic Penguin Low Profile 13.5K BTU
Penguin Dometic A/C Unit

Dometic Penguin Low Profile 13.5K BTU

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Retail Price:$899.99
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We are leading the world with our RV Air Conditioners!
Part Number: d6.40315.301CO
Availability: Out of Stock
Feature: 7.13814E+11
Feature: Dometic
Feature: "Home & Garden > Household Appliances > Climate Control > Air Conditioners
Feature: Air Conditioner
Feature 5 74.52
This is a low-profile Dometic Duo Therm Penguin edition A/C unit. It will be great for anyone not wanting to see that horrible buldge sticking up on the top of their camper by the existing A/C unit. Dometic has been leading the world with RV Air Conditioners for a long time, and now you can one too! This is a non-ducted unit and does not include the ceiling assembly. Must be purchased separate.

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