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Dometic Roof Vent Upgrade Kit
Dometic Roof Vent Upgrade Kit

Dometic Roof Vent Upgrade Kit

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Use To Upgrade An Existing Manual Vent To Powered Vent
Part Number: 807359
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Dometic Roof Vent Upgrade Kit

Atwood Mobile Products, LLC has been a world leader in designing, engineering and manufacturing appliances and hardware for the RV industry for over 30 years. Whether it's our constant drive for innovation and improvement or our unwavering commitment to our customers it's no coincidence that Atwood Mobile Products, LLC has found itself an integral part of the RV industry for now and many years to come.

You can take any* Fan-Tastic Vent or Create-A-Breeze and upgrade it to be a Model 7350. The installation is easy, just a few easy steps. Never disturbs the factory waterproof seal! Simply remove the old control panel, screw in the new lift arm, clean knockout in base, install the new upgrade control panel and enjoy the wireless controller from the comfort of your chair.

Technology evolution, our manufacturing experience and meeting consumer needs and desires for 21 years are the motivation behind our newest ventilator. For consumers tall or short; with old or new Towables or Motorized RVs, this patent pending air exchange system makes operation as simple as sitting in your easy chair and pushing a button.

Our custom wall cradle is made for your convenience. Select an easily accessible location, install the lightweight cradle, now operate fan from cradled remote or remove and operate fan from anywhere inside or outside your coach.

The vent is equipped with our reversible airflow switch (In or Out air flow), and Rain Sensor. The built in rain sensor closes the dome and turns off the fan blade when the sensor becomes wet; the dome re-opens when the sensor dries. A rain sensor shut off switch and a back up manual dome open/close knob are also provided.


Weight: 4.0000
Used For: Upgrade An Existing Manual Vent To Powered Vent
Color: White
With Pre-Wired Interior Assembly: Yes
With Rain Sensor: Yes
With Auto-Lift Motor: Yes
With Auto-Lift Arm: Yes
With Remote Control: Yes
With Battery: Yes

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