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Dust Monster Marino Wool And Dust
Dust Monster Marino Wool And Dust

Dust Monster Marino Wool And Dust

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Dust Monster Marino Wool And Dust

Use This To: 

  • Lift dirt off surfaces without scratching
  • Harness the power of static electricity
  • Lightly dust without pressure or caustic chemicals
  • Remove dust with a light wave of your wand
  • Leave nothing behind on the surface

Natures's Softest Wool

Unlike traditional dusters that use chemicals or cheap wax-covered cotton fibers, the Dust Monster is made of the finest grade Merino Sheep wool. As you twirl the duster, you generate static that attracts dust like a magnet. The static charge safely lifts dust from the surface, so no pressure and no chemicals are necessary, virtually eliminating the chance of installing scratches and swirls.

Two Sizes For All Applications

Perfect for lightly dusting exterior surfaces and removing polishing dust before waxing, the Extra Large Dust Monster measures 25 inches long with a 12 inch long wood handle. The small interior Original Dust Monster measures 6 inches long by 5 inches wide with a short 5 inch long wood handle perfect for removing light dust, dirt, and small bits of debris with the softest touch. 

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