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Eaz-Lift WD Hitch - W/Ball Mount Less Shank- 750 lb
Eaz-Lift WD Hitch - W/Ball Mount Less Shank- 750 lb

Eaz-Lift WD Hitch - W/Ball Mount Less Shank- 750 lb

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Eaz-Lift Weight Distribution Hitches
Eaz-Lift WD Hitch- W/Ball Mount Less Shank - 750 lb
Machine-tapered round spring steel bars are forged longer for a smoother ride. Interchangeable bars feature a positive latching action for operation.

This trailer hitch made by EAZ-LIFT requires no welding for installation.

This is truly a Simple Towing Solution if you already have a receiver on your tow truck. Adjustable Bolt holes means the hitch will fit most of the time. This trailer hitch has a machine tapered round spring steel bars which are forged longer for a smoother ride. The interchangeable bars that have a positive latching action for more secure operation. The unit is also designed with few parts for simplicity.

Eaz-Lift has a broad selection of weight distributing hitches that include bolt-together ball mounts that are completely adjustable for changing ball heights with integrated sway control mount factory installed. The weld-together hitch requires that the unit be welded at time of installation and set to the exact ball height by the installer. All necessary parts are included with each hitch, except the hitch ball itself. These items include hook-up brackets, spring bars, chains, ball mount, shank and hitch pin, clip and bolt package for adjustable hitches. The Hitch Ball is not included, but may be ordered separately below. Please be sure what size ball your trailer requires.

Sway control bars are sold separately. If you want a smoother tow with less sway, then you should considering adding sway control bars. Trailer towing with sway control bars is easier on the driver.

  • Hook-up brackets
  • Spring bars chains
  • Ball mount
  • Shank
  • Hitch-pin
  • Clip
Bolt package included for adjustable hitches. Maximum tongue capacity is 750 lbs. Hitch ball not included.
Available Sizes:
With Ball Mount & Shank
Product Number
1,400 ibs.
1,000 ibs.
750 ibs.
550 ibs.
400 ibs. - Lightweight
With Ball Mount Less Shank

Product Number



1,400 ibs.


1,000 ibs.


750 ibs.


550 ibs. (Special Order)

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