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Black 6

Black 6" Door Hold Back

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Black 6" Door Hold Back
Part Number: 891-BL
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Feature: 01320982368
Feature: Hardware > Hardware Accessories
Feature: Entry Door Holder, 6" Black
Feature 5 9.49
Rv Entry Door Holder Plastic T-type door holders 6" Includes screws.  1/clam shell. 1-3/4" wide, black. Holds your RV door in place while open. Makes entering and exiting your camper easy when carrying items. Also great for small children, allowing them to safely go in and out without worrying about getting injured by the door. Handy to use on warm, sunny days to let fresh air in and lets you see the great outdoors more easily. These Entry Door holders will work great on your camper or your RV. Manufactured by RV Designer Collection.

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