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Even Brake™ System
Even Brake™ System

Even Brake™ System

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Roadmaster Even Brake System
Part Number: 949400MAP
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Feature: 58306305588
Feature 5 9.49
Proportional breaking is even braking! Your towed car's brakes respond to your motorhome's brakes at the same time and intensity. Even Brake monitors its own performance constantly, and any change in system status is transmitted to the motorhome monitor. Even Brake™ warns you of a low battery in the towed vehicle with LED and LCD alerts. If the battery's voltage drops too low, it cuts power to the system while retaining emergency braking power. Terrain-sensing logic automatically levels Even Brake™ on installation and on the road for maximum braking efficiency. This item is a special order product and may take longer to receive than standard stocked items.

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