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Exterior Disposable Water Filter w/12
Exterior Disposable Water Filter w/12' Hose

Exterior Disposable Water Filter w/12" Hose

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Water Purification System
Part Number: 888252- Mfr # RV-600A
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Feature 5 9.49
Reduces bad taste and odors including chlorine taste and odor. Models RV-700 and RV-800 are Bacteriostatic*. Fits standard hose fittings. Cartridge life- 2,000 gallons or one RV season. NSF Certified.

*The term "Bacteriostatic" indicates that the system limits the passage or growth of bacteria that may already exist in the incoming water. It does not mean that the water leaving the system is safer than that of the water entering the system.

**KDF As tested by KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc.

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