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Husky 26k Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch Head
Husky 26k Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch Head

Husky 26k Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch Head

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Trailer hitch head
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Husky 26k Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch Head Only

Husky Accessories and Parts - HT31318

Replacement head fits Husky Silver Series 26K W fifth-wheel hitches. Single-piece, wraparound jaw provides excellent jaw-to-king-pin contact. Fully articulating design eases hookup on unlevel ground.


  • Replacement hitch head fits Husky Silver Series 26K W 5th-wheel trailer hitches
  • Single-piece jaw wraps around king pin to provide excellent jaw-to-king-pin contact
    • Maximum security with less rattle and chucking
  • Fully articulating design makes for quick, simple hookup, even on unlevel ground
    • Head moves in unison with trailer during travel to minimize jarring
  • Minimal fore-and-aft movement
    • Castle nut at rear of unit tightens to secure hitch head to crossbeam
  • Trigger plate ensures proper hookup
    • Jaw can close only when king pin is securely inside of hitch
  • Easy-to-access, lockable handle sits close to truck cab, far from pin box
    • King pin indicator lets you know when you're safely hooked up
    • Padlock (sold separately) offers additional security
  • Black powder coat finish and yellow zinc fasteners resist corrosion


  • Gross towing weight: 26,000 lbs
  • Vertical load limit: 6,500 lbs
  • 10-Year limited manufacturer warranty


  • Use of this hitch head with the Reese Sidewinder or Reese Revolution pin box will reduce the gross towing weight and vertical load limit of the hitch.
  • If this hitch head is paired with a slider, roller, or glider, then do NOT use the hitch with the Reese Sidewinder or Reese Revolution pin box.

Single-Piece, Wraparound Jaw

The wraparound, single-piece jaw on this heavy-duty fifth-wheel trailer hitch offers excellent security and stability by surrounding your trailer's king pin. The increased jaw-to-king-pin contact not only creates a stronger connection than you would find with a slide-bar jaw, but it also helps to reduce the rattle and jarring movement that is often experienced when towing a fifth-wheel trailer.

King Pin Safety Features

The jaw of the Husky Silver Series 26K W fifth-wheel trailer hitch will only close when your trailer's king pin is positioned correctly inside the hitch. A trigger plate sits just beneath the jaw. When this plate is pressed by the king pin, the jaw will fully close. Because the king pin must press the trigger plate on the underside of the jaw for the jaw to close, high pinning cannot occur.

A color-coded king pin indicator is built into the handle so that you can easily determine if the jaw is open or closed. Any time that you can see the red tab at the rear of the hitch, the jaw is open. When no red can be seen, you can rest assured that you are properly hitched. Further secure your trailer to your hitch by inserting a padlock (sold separately) through the lockable tab on the handle.

31318 Husky Towing Products Silver Series Fifth Wheel Hitch Head - Single Wrap Around Jaw - 26KW - 26,000 lbs

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