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Lantern LED 12 Volts
Lantern; LED; 12 Volts

Lantern LED 12 Volts

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Lantern LED 12 Volts
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The small, powerful UCO Clarus Lantern + Flashlight is one of the most lightweight, versatile lights you’ll ever own. Built for adventure, it’s reliable, convenient and sheds up to 118 lumens of light wherever you need it. Use it as a lantern and adjust the brightness to high, mid or dim - useful if battery power needs to be conserved - or push the head down and collapse it into a flashlight when you need a focused beam of light. Activate the strobe function in an emergency; the hanging hook makes hands-free operation a snap.

Power Source12 Volts
Switch TypeNo Switch
ColorOrange/ Blue/ Black
With Dimmer FunctionNo
With FlashlightYes
With USB PortNo

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