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Lets Go Aero B01458 Bike Rack
Lets Go Aero B01458 Bike Rack

Lets Go Aero B01458 Bike Rack

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Lets Go Aero B01458 Bike Rack
Part Number: 731459
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Feature 5 9.49
Lets Go Aero B01458 Bike Rack
  • Receiver Mount Size
  • 2 Inch Reciver Mount
  • Capacity
  • 4 Bikes
  • Tiltable
  • Tilts Down For Vehicle Access
  • Hold Type
  • Bike Frame Rests On Arms With Cradles And Straps
  • Foldable
  • Foldable
  • Color/ Finish
  • Black
  • With Lock
  • Yes
  • Carries Four Bicycles Of All Frames And Sizes; Two Cushion Pads Per V-Wing™ For Casual Contact (Eight Total)
  • Easily Adjustable Wheel Cradles With Durable Rubber Straps For A Tight Grip On Bike Wheels; RV Certified
  • Lightweight 41 Pounds With Modular Frame Separation For Additional Load Management
  • 160 Pounds Load Capacity; 24 Inch Distance Between V-Wings™ For Bikes
  • Quick Removable V-Wings™ For Rear Hatch Access And Modular Storage
  • Tilt And Fold System Design For Rear Hatch Access And Parking Clearance
  • Sectional Frame Removes For Simple Conversion Into Two Independent 2-Bike Racks
  • Convertible Sections Create A Tilt And Fold 2-Bike Rack With Ability To Access Rear Hatch Without Removing Bikes, And A Bonus Fixed Frame 2-Bike Rack
  • Zero-G Bike Freeze Technology Eliminates All Bike Motion With Wheel Touch Support Only, Removing All Bike Frame Or Fork Contact With Rack
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty

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