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Mounting Plate For Jack Antennas
Mounting Plate For Jack Antennas

Mounting Plate For Jack Antennas

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Satellite TV Antenna Mounting Base Wedge
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When you’re ready to replace an existing crank-up batwing or omnidirectional antenna with a KING Jack™ or KING OmniPro™ HDTV Antenna (sold separately), you’ll be amazed at how easy it is with KING’s new over-the-air antenna mounting plate. It’s a must-have for providing a strong, durable, water-tight seal on your RV roof when you’re looking to upgrade your antenna.

Pre-drilled for easy installation, the KING Jack/KING OmniPro Antenna Mounting Plate covers all screw holes left by the old antenna where the hole pattern is 11 square inches or smaller. You can easily attach it to the base of the KING Jack or KING OmniPro with included hardware to enable a simple installation of the new antenna. The mounting plate is manufactured using a weather-resistant, automotive-grade plastic with UV-protection, making it the perfect choice for durability throughout your adventures in all kinds of climates.

  • Pre-drilled for easy installation
  • Engineered to provide a water-tight seal
  • Manufactured with a weather-resistant, automotive-grade plastic
  • UV-protection ensures durability

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