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  5. Neo Skylight, Rough Hole 28" x 10", Flange 32" x 14", White
Neo Skylight, Rough Hole 28
Neo Skylight, Rough Hole 28' x 10', Flange 32' x 14', White

Neo Skylight, Rough Hole 28" x 10", Flange 32" x 14", White

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Neo Skylight
Part Number: 313131
Availability: For Sale
Feature: 609788522652
Feature: Bri-Rus
Feature: 7.65054E+11
Feature: High performance polycarbonate skylights
Feature 5 9.49

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Skylights (Neo)
High performance polycarbonate skylights are virtually unbreakable and easy to clean. To determine which skylight you need, use a size that is equal to or greater than the rough hole opening in your roof. Skylights sit directly on your RV roof. Use inner garnish to finish the inside hole. No metal flange is used with these single pane skylights.
Always use sealant (included). Note, inners must be the exact size as the hole you are working with. 1 per box.
Please note that displayed image may not accurately represent actual product.
Available sizes and colors:
  • 313129, Rough Hole 20" x 8", Flange x Flange 24" x 11", White
  • 313130, Rough Hole 24" x 12", Flange x Flange 27" x 14", White
  • 313131, Rough Hole 28" x 10", Flange x Flange 32" x 14", White 

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