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Kool Seal Rv Rubber Roof Primer - 1 Quart
Rubber Roof Primer

Kool Seal Rv Rubber Roof Primer - 1 Quart

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Kool Seal's Camper Rubber Roof Primer Extends The Life Of Your RV Roof
Part Number: 381672
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Feature: 50926470043
Feature: Kool Seal
Feature: Hardware > Adhesives, Coatings & Sealants
Feature: Roof Coating
Feature 5 9.49
RV Roof Primer-1 Quart Kool Seal's Camper Roof Primers are for use on Rv rubber roofs, E.P.D.M. rubber membranes and aluminum asphalt. Insures top coat adhesion. Durable under shallow ponded water areas. Dried film is mildew and algae resistant. Soap and water clean-up while wet. 1 quart covers up to 12 1/2 square feet. 5 year manufacturer warranty. Priced each. Also available in 1 Gallon (part number: 381673).

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