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Oxygenics Fury RV Handheld Shower - 92181 Chrome

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Oxygenics Fury RV Handheld Shower - 92181 Chrome
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Oxygenics Fury RV Handheld Shower - 92181 Chrome

The Fury RV has the power and versatility to take your RV shower from lackluster to lovin’ it … and who wouldn’t want that?

Your RV Shower Revived:
  • 5 spray settings including an Oxygenics setting, guaranteed to make that 5-mile hike a distant memory.
  • Comfort control lever allows quick adjustment of shower pressure for a more satisfying shower.
  • Non-slip rubber finger grips to help you keep a tight hold when your hands are wet.
  • Ample 72" hose to easily reach wherever it is needed.

5 Dynamic Settings:

5 powerful settings to take that RV shower from bland to BOOM!

  • Oxygenics
  • Massage
  • Widestream + FocusStream
  • Widestream
  • FocusStream

Additional Features:

  • Maximum RV Shower Performance: Designed to provide maximum efficiency and impressive performance within tank size and pressure limits
  • Consistent Performance: High quality internal components designed to prevent clogging or corrosion for dependable, efficient performance
  • What's Included? Everything … plumber’s tape, wall mount and 72" hose for ease of installation
  • Multiple Finish Options: Multiple finishes available to complement existing décor
  • Diameter: 3-3/4 Inch
  • Type: Hand Held
  • Shape: Round
  • Finish: Chrome Plated
  • Color: Silver
  • With Spray Setting: Yes
  • With Hose: Yes

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