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  5. Penguin II 13,500 Low Profile Single Zone LCD Polar Black Upper Unit Only
Penguin II 13,500 Low Profile Single Zone LCD Polar Black Upper Unit Only
Penguin II 13,500 Low Profile Single Zone LCD Polar Black Upper Unit Only

Penguin II 13,500 Low Profile Single Zone LCD Polar Black Upper Unit Only

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Penguin II 13,500 Low Profile Single Zone LCD Polar Black Upper Unit Only
Part Number: 641915CXX1J0
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Air Conditioner 641915CXX1J0 Penguin II

  • Model 13.5K Btu with Control Box 
  • US Item Name 641915CXX1J0 
  • Model on label 641915CXX1J0
  • Product Description 13,500 BTU Low Profile Rooftop Air Conditioner, Ducted or Non-Ducted Application - Pre-installed CT Single Zone, CT Wall Thermostat Required. 

  • Dimensions product depth 29 "
  • Dimensions product height 11 1/4 "
  • Dimensions product width 40 1/2 "
  • Net weight 101 lbs

  • Input voltage (AC) 115 V
  • Input frequency 60 Hz

  • Cooling capacity (ISO 5151) 3953 W
  • Power consumption - Cooling mode (ISO 5151) 1731 W
  • EAN-13 0713814200602 
  • Dimensions parcel depth 29 3/4 "
  • Dimensions parcel height 12 "
  • Dimensions parcel width 41 1/2 "
  • Parcel weight 113 lbs


Low-profile aerodynamics

The leading low-profile RV air conditioner, the Penguin II Rooftop Air Conditioner is a powerful cooler. With its ultra-low profile, this streamlined rooftop unit is aerodynamically designed to reduce drag when on the move. It also looks fantastic! The high-performance motor and fan deliver powerful cooling performance using a more eco-friendly R410A refrigerant. Despite its compact and lightweight design, features such as the robust rib-reinforced base pan ensure that the Penguin II can handle tough environments for a longer service life. 

                 High-performance motor and fan
    • Low profile – 11 1/4" / 29 cm high
    • Sleek, contemporary shroud improves aerodynamics, reduces wind resistance
    • Accommodates ducted or non-ducted cooling
    • Requires CT Single Zone LCD thermostat (available separately)

Assisting NASA with air conditioning expertise

In 2011, NASA was on the lookout for an air conditioning system to install in their lunar electric rover. They decided they needed expert help and consulted numerous suppliers. Finally, after a rigorous selection process, the space agency chose Dometic. “We’ve had a lot of firsts over the years, but this custom job presented special challenges for our engineers,” said a spokesperson for Dometic. After extensive trials in Arizona, where the system had to keep scientists and their equipment cool and dry, our technology is now ready for extra-terrestrial duty.


The Dometic Penguin II Rooftop Air Conditioner features a futuristic look and powerful cooling performance. With a low-profile, 11 1/4 in./29 cm, the sleek shroud reduces wind resistance while the vehicle is moving. A rib-reinforced base pan delivers lasting strength, while its R410A refrigerant is more eco-friendly and releases heat efficiently. Its high-performance motor and fan deliver a first-class cooling performance. The Penguin II can operate in ducted and non-ducted cooling systems. Non-ducted application requires an Air Distribution Box (available separately). Available in white and black.

These units feature:

  1. A height of only 9-1/2 inches above the roof-line.
  2. 13,500 BTUs of cooling - the highest power of any single RV rooftop unit. 
  3. Blower cycles automatically in cooling and heating modes, for complete comfort from 40F on up.

11,000 BTU and 13,500 BTU units also available.

  1. Contoured shroud/solar panel mount further minimizes wind drag.
  2. Contemporary contours conceal vent openings for a smooth, clean look.
  3. A 3-speed blower motor and washable return air filter produce airflow that are cool and clean.
  4. Penguin units allow use of analog thermostats or the new Duo-Therm Comfort Control Center based on manufacturer's application.
  5. Uses electric or analog relays, in either air distribution box or ducted installations.

NOTE: Older systems may require different control components and ceiling assemblies to work with newer upper units. Ducted A/C Systems may need new control components, a different lower unit, and wall Thermostat to properly work with new upper units

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