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Picnic Blanket; 57 Inch x 57 Inch; Chartreuse
Picnic Blanket; 57 Inch x 57 Inch; Chartreuse; Fleece With Waterproof Backing; With Hook and Loop Fastener to Keep Folded During Storage; With Adjustable Shoulder Strap; With English/ French Language Packaging

Picnic Blanket; 57 Inch x 57 Inch; Chartreuse

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Picnic Blanket; 57 Inch x 57 Inch; Chartreuse
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This blanket features a water-resistant bottom so your bottom stays dry and a soft top for sitting, lounging and relaxing. When you’re done, fold it up, secure the ends so it doesn’t come undone, and carry it with the handy adjustable shoulder strap. A water-resistant bottom also means easy clean-up - simply wipe it off with a sponge. We know that picnicking means juice boxes with the kids or wine with your friends, and having a picnic blanket that can go in the washing machine is important; so if you spill something on the top, don’t worry, just stick it in the washing machine on cold, and then let it air dry. We also know that busy parents always have their hands full, so we added heavy duty hook-and-loop to make sure this blanket stays folded, a shoulder strap to free up your arms, and even a pocket for your keys and phone! Not only is the Camco Picnic Blanket fashionable, but the soft top is perfect for little feet or laying back watching fireworks. It can also double as an emergency blanket for your car, tent or RV. The Camco Picnic Blanket is a great addition to any tailgate, campsite, lake house, beach set up, or backyard.

Length (IN)57 Inch
Width (IN)57 Inch
Closure TypeHook And Loop Fastener

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