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Surge Protector -Portable-120-240V\50A
Surge Protector -Portable-120-240V\50A

Surge Protector -Portable-120-240V\50A

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Portable RV Surge Guard, 50amp, Has 3850 Joules Protection
Part Number: 552639
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Feature: 024098348509
Feature 5 9.49
Surge Guard's 120-240V 50amp portable surge protector automatically shuts off power when excessive voltage, Low (<102V) and High (>132V), or open neutral is present. Automatic reset on power restoration. LCD display continuously monitors and displays voltge and amp draw on all legs (30A - One Leg / 50A Legs One and Two). LCD display will also show faults (when occurred) for open neutral, miswired pedestal, reverse polarity and elevated ground voltage. 2 min. 15 sec. reset delay protects A/C compressor. Convenient plug handles. Weather resistant. Available in 30 or 50 AMP.

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