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Pro Shield, 24
Pro Shield, 24"W x 5'L Mat

Pro Shield, 24"W x 5'L Mat

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Pro Shield, 24"W x 5'L Mat
Part Number: 149262
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Feature: 96976602446
Feature: Pro Shield
Feature: Vehicles & Parts > Vehicle Parts & Accessories > Motor Vehicle Interior > Vehicle Floor Mats
Feature: RV Accessories > Pro Shield Mat
Feature 5 9.49
The most versatile and durable mat on the market with UNLIMITED uses! Use inside and outside your RV for kneeling on, changing fluids, entrance mat, cargo and drawer liner, pet and shower mat and more! Lightweight, leak proof and reusable. Absorbs liquids (including oil). Cut to fit. Easy to store. A MUST HAVE for every RV owner!

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