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Qwik-Load Turnbuckles
Qwik-Load Turnbuckles

Qwik-Load Turnbuckles

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Feature: Happijac
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Feature: Quick Load Turnbuckle Kit
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Qwik-Load Turnbuckles
Load and unload your camper easier than before, with the lever-action turnbuckle upgrade from Happijac. The integrated Qwik-load turnbuckle system features the Qwik-load device built into the turnbuckle and does not require threaded extension rods. Qwik-Load allows for turnbuckle adjustment even after installation! Additional features include a removable handle that streamlines appearance, a locking pin to deter theft and ensure safe, secure performance, and a soft handle for a comfortable grip. Integrated system includes: 4 ea. Qwik-Load lever-action turnbuckles (2 each 18" threaded rod and 2 each of 6" threaded rod), 4 locking pins and 4 jam nuts. The turnbuckle upgrade kit (99-1985) attaches to any pre-existing turnbuckle that uses a 1/2” threaded hook; 1/2” threaded rods are included. Turnbuckles are not included. The upgrade kit is great if you already have traditional turnbuckles and do not wish to replace them and still want the new advantages of Qwik-Load. Happijac turnbuckles can be purchased as a complete set or individually to work with the upgrade kit.

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