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RV AF Furnace
AF Everest Star 7900 II Furnace, 19,500 BTUs

RV AF Furnace

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RV AF Everest Star 7900 II Rv Furnace, 19500 BTUs
Part Number: 79.1886
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Feature: 765053050692
Feature: Atwood
Feature: Home & Garden > Household Appliances > Climate Control > Furnaces & Boilers
Feature: Furnaces
Feature 5 9.49
Complete Manual for 7900-II / 8000-II

Camper Furnace - Hydro Flame (Atwood) Everest Star Series

This Camper Furnace is perfect for campers and tent trailers because of the compact size (11-3/8" high, 8-3/8" wide, 20-1/2" deep) and light weight of just 23 pounds. It is easily installed as a new installation.

This camper furnace was carried by the American Medical Research Expedition to Mt. Everest and used in the record setting Pacific Crossing of the Double Eagle Balloon.

The dependable Everest Star II series includes improvements such as: an electric shut-off on the gas valve, the new blower assembly that increases air delivery by 60%, and electronic ignition (no standing pilot).

Atwood products are known for their flexibility and the new Everest Star II is no exception. It can be configured for front discharge only, discharge from both side ducts, or a combination of front and side ducts.

Low amp draw of 2.9 amps. 12 volt DC. Includes a vent for 0" - 3-1/2" thick walls.

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