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RV Atwood Furnace
RV Atwood Furnace

RV Atwood Furnace

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RV Atwood Excalibur xt 25,000-40,000 BTUs
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RV Furnace - Atwood (Hydro Flame) Excalibur XT series

RV Furnaces by Atwood (Hydro Flame) are revolutionary furnaces with advanced technology featuring two stage heating.

  • Cost-Efficient-Saving Fuel
  • Reduces Noise
  • Unique 2-Stage System
  • Easy Installation
  • Digital Thermostat included
  • Cutout: 7-1/2”H x 19-1/2”W

This 2-Stage System allows you to choose your desired temperature and let the furnace continually monitor your comfort level-automatically! Operating on High BTU, High Fan for quick, quiet warm up, the furnace will automatically switch to low BTU, Low Fan to maintain the desired temperature.

Self Diagnostic Capability - Designed for long life and easy maintenance, the Excalibur XT includes built in self-diagnostics to save you time and money. Indicating a variety of troubleshooting from low or improper voltage input to module failure, a flashing L.E.D. will indicate any complications.

Easy Installation - With no special installation requirements, the Atwood 2-Stage Furnace can easily replace all 8500 series furnaces.

These furnaces from Atwood include a new advanced digital thermostat. The innovative digital thermostat provides 13 heating/cooling functions with an advanced design to control both the furnace and roof top air conditioner.

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