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RV Atwood XT Gas Water Heater, 10 gal.
RV Atwood XT Gas Water Heater, 10 gal

RV Atwood XT Gas Water Heater, 10 gal.

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RV Atwood XT Gas Water Heater, 10 gal.
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Atwood XT RV Water Heater
With Exothermal Technology
The new Atwood XT RV Water Heaters use Exothermal technology to deliver more hot water from standard size water heaters. They provide the equivalent of 16 gallons of hot water from a 10 gallon tank and 9 gallons of hot water from a 6 gallon heater. This is accomplished by heating cold water to a hotter temperature and then mixing it with more cold water through an already installed mixing valve on the rear. The result is 50% more hot water! We offer the best so you worry less, with high quality and performance that outlast all other brands.
These units feature:
  • Pre-installed winterizing by-pass kits
  • Direct-spark electronic ignition
  • They are easily installed in the same cut-out as existing Atwood 6 or 10 gallon water heaters
  • Cutout dimensions for the 10 gallon are 15-3/4"H x 16-1/4"W x 21-3/4"D
  • Cutout dimensions for the 6 gallon are 12-5/8"H x 16-1/4"W x 20"D

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Atwood Mobile Products is the largest manufacturer of specialized hot water systems for recreational vehicles and marine use worldwide. They have 30 years of experience building lightweight reliable products for challenging mobile conditions.

Note: The Atwood water heater unit includes the door.
Available Sizes and styles:

Product Number

Product Description


10 Gallon Gas/Electric w/ Heat Exchange


10 Gallon Gas & Electric


10 Gallon Gas


6 Gallon Gas & Electric


6 Gallon Gas/Electric w/ Heat Exchange


6 Gallon Gas

Manufactured by: Atwood

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