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RV Faucet 4
RV Faucet 4' Lavatory - White w/smoke

RV Faucet 4" Lavatory - White w/smoke

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RV Lavatory Faucet by UTOPIA
4" Faucet, White with Smoke Handles
If you're needing to replace your old bathroom faucet and not spend much money then look no farther. This simple, yet nice faucet is a great value and comes with a five year warranty! Offers several features and available in three different colors to match any bathroom (See Information Below).  
These lavatory faucets offer:
  • Dual control 
  • 4" Centerset
  • Clear or smoke-colored handles (without pop-up assembly)
  • 1 Per pack
  • Choose between 3 different colors (See Chart Below).
Available Colors:


4” Lavatory Faucet, Chrome with Clear Handles


4” Lavatory Faucet, White with Smoke Handles


4” Lavatory Faucet, Parchment with Smoke Handles

*Chrome faucet with clear handles shown above.

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