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  6. RV Slideout EK D Seal - 1" x 15/16" x 35' - White
RV Slideout EK D Seal - 1
RV slideout D Seal- White

RV Slideout EK D Seal - 1" x 15/16" x 35' - White

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RV Slideout Seal Provides A Durable and Reliable Seal For Years
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RV Slideout Seal (EK D SEAL)- 1" x 15/16" x 35' - White

RV Slideout D-Seal (1" x 15/16" x 35' white) slides into the track of the EK base wiper seal, hides fasteners and provides a positive seal. EK series may be used on interior wall for protections when RV slide-out room is extended or, when replacing a double seal.

**For full replacement order in two parts - EK Base and EK D seal.**

May easily be cut to length for proper fit.

Width: 1"
Thickness: 5/16"
Length:  35'

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