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RV Suburban Ducted Furnace
RV Suburban Ducted Furnace

RV Suburban Ducted Furnace

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RV Suburban NT-SP Furnace 34,000 BTUs, 7.5 Amps Ducted Furnace
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Suburban RV Furnace -

NT Series Gas Furnaces

Suburban RV Furnaces that are Efficient, Powerful and Versatile

Proven Suburban NT Series Furnaces offer superior ducted heating. They also have a uniform cabinet size for installation flexibility. Suburban heaters have been a favorite of motor home, travel trailer and camper owners. Suburban heaters have a long history of proven reliability and Suburban has been a leading supplier to the industry for many years.  
All Suburban NT Series feature:
  • Gasket-sealed vent assemblies.
  • Energy-saving and low maintenance solid state electronic ignition.
  • Long lasting steel gas manifolds for a long life.
  • Efficient sealed forced-draft combustion.
  • Durable chrome-plated vent caps.
  • Convenient Wall thermostat (included).
  • Unit Size: 12 1/2" H x 12" W x 23" D

A variety of capacity options include:

  • Maximum heating power for large vehicles.
  • Lightweight furnaces for mid-size vehicles.

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