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RV Thermostat
Rv Thermostat, Heat Only With Night Off

RV Thermostat

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RV Thermostat - Heat Only With Night Off
Part Number: 798592
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Feature: 86710098901
Feature: White Rodgers
Feature: Hardware > Hardware Accessories > Controls > Thermostats
Feature: Thermostats
Feature 5 9.49
White Rodgers Thermostats
Thermostat, Heat Only with Night Off
Heat only replaces 24 volt or multi-volt heating systems. Replaces round, vertical or horizontal thermostats. Adjustable thermometer allows the setting of comfortable temperatures for year round enjoyment. 1 per pack.
  • These universal decorative thermostats can replace both 12/24V and millivolt heating systems
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Large numbers for easy readings
  • Heat only thermostat (With Night Off)
An included adapter plate is used to replace round, vertical or horizontal thermostats. A unique adjustable thermometer allows matching of thermometer and temperature setting.

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