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Replacement Refrigerator Board - Norcold - 3-Way Interface Board

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Replacement Refrigerator Boards (Fit Norcold)
3-way Interface board
  • Circuit breaker on the board to protect 12 volt circuits from short circuit damage and a short circuit indicator that indicates shorts in wires to the main switch or interior light.
  • Heavy-duty diode trips circuit breaker if the 12 volt DC is hooked up backwards.
  • Fuses on the 120 volt AC circuits give you protection from short circuits in the heater wires and element.
Works in the following Norcold® refrigerators after the recalls have been done: 838 EG3, 8310 EG3
Recall Kit Information
Regarding the following Norcold® models:
838 EG2 (2-way)
838 EG3 (3-way)
8310 EG2 (2-way)
8310 EG3 (3-way)

The circuit boards will work in these models only if the recall kit has been installed. The best way to tell if the kit has been installed is to look at the part # of the circuit board. If it has a part # 615282 or # 615281 the recall kit has not been installed, the circuit boards will not work.
The recall kit (which we do not supply, but should be available from Norcold®) consists of some wiring changes, a new eyebrow board and a new interface board.

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