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Replacement Refrigerator Board - Norcold 3-Way

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Replacement Refrigerator Boards (Fit Norcold) by Dinosaur Electronics
3-way Power Supply board
  • Circuit breaker on the board to protect 12 volt circuits from short circuit damage and a short circuit indicator that indicates shorts in wires to the main switch or interior light
  • Safety Feature - if the 12 volt DC is hooked up backwards the heavy-duty diode trips the circuit breaker
  • Fuses on the 120 volt AC circuits give you protection from short circuits in the heater element and wires
Works in the following Norcold® refrigerators:
AC/DC/Gas For Use In NORCOLD®:653, 663, 683, 6053, 6063, 6083, 6163, 6183, 6631M, 6831M.

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