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Rv Awning Saver Clamp White 2\bag
Rv Awning Saver Clamp

Rv Awning Saver Clamp White 2\bag

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Rv Awning Saver Clamp
Part Number: 258950
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Feature: 19079102539
Feature: Valterra
Feature: Hardware > Hardware Accessories
Feature: Awning Hardware
Feature 5 9.49
Rv Awning Saver Clamps
The best and easiest-to-use device for wind control. Secures tightly to the side arms of awnings to prevent wind flapping and accidental rips or tears. Will not harm fabric. No parts to replace. High strength plastic clamps come with a lifetime warranty. Fits most Rv awnings. Choose from three different colors (See Chart Below).
Available Colors:


Gray Clamp, 2/card


White Clamp, 2/card


Black Clamp, 2/card


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