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Rv Furnace Excalibur IV 20,000 BTUs - 4.4 Amps
Excalibur IV Furnace, 20,000 BTUs, 4.4 Amps

Rv Furnace Excalibur IV 20,000 BTUs - 4.4 Amps

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The cutout size required for Atwood Excalibur is 7 1/2" H x 16 1/2" W.
Part Number: 35526
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Feature: Atwood
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Atwood Furnaces - RV Excalibur
Atwood Furnaces - The Excalibur RV Furnaces with electronic ignition are Efficient and Quiet

The Atwood Excalibur 8500 IV series have been redesigned to be more efficient and quieter with a new burner and blower assembly. The new design has eliminated the obstruction and minimized the turbulence in the blower housing. This decreases overall noise with an increase in airflow.

Atwood Furnaces Have Ease of Installation

The compact size, low profile, gas heaters are of lightweight construction.  They also offer a vertical installation option that enhances space utilization possibilities. This provides placement flexibility. A flexible adapter kit makes bottom discharge installation easy for both new and replacement applications.

Serviceability of Atwood Excalibur Furnaces

Due to the unique design features and Exterior Access Door of the 8900 and 8500, all controls and crucial components are easily accessible from outside the vehicle, which eliminates the need to remove the furnace. In addition, there is no carbon build-up maintenance required.

Unique Vent Design

The 8900 and 8500 incorporate a unique outside vent design integral with the access door, which eliminates the need for a variety of vent kits. The cutout size required for  Atwood Excalibur is 7 1/2" H x 16 1/2" W. 4.4 Amps
Attention: This Particular Model is a special order item and is not stocked in our store. Please call for availability.
Please Note: *Access Doors are sold separately
*798749 - Access Door, Snow White
*798346 - Access Door, Colonial White
Available in the 8500 II Series Furnaces:

Product Number



16,000 BTU and 4.4 Amp

791825 (Pictured)

20,000 BTU and 4.4 Amp


25,000 BTU and 5.6 Amp


30,000 BTU and 8.2 Amp


35,000 BTU and 8.3 Amp

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