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Rv Gas Range Bifold Cover Black
Rv Gas Range Bifold Cover Black

Rv Gas Range Bifold Cover Black

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Rv Gas Range Bifold Cover
Part Number: 724929
Availability: Not for Sale
Feature: 720998006524
Feature: Suburban
Feature: Home & Garden > Kitchen & Dining > Kitchen Appliances > Ranges
Feature: Gas Range Bi-fold Cover
Feature 5 9.49
Get finer quality in your RV supplies! Used in most RVs, matches the requirements of almost any manufacturer or aftermarket installer. Extreme effiecency, well insulated ranges are available in 2 sizes, 17" and 22". Features a match-free piezo ignition to light cooktop burners. High output, 9,000 BTUH front burner with linear valve. Ovens heat up to 450ºF and features large broiler area and a porcelain surface for easy cleaning. Two 6,500 BTUH rear burners add lots of cooking capacity. One piece, porcelain-coated steel grate is more convenient for large pans. 
Available Colors:


White, Gas Range Bifold Cover


Black, Gas Range Bifold Cover


Stainless Steel , Gas Range Bifold Cover

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