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Rv Satellite Stationary Automatic, Black

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Stationary Automatic Rv Satellite, Black
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The King Dome Motorized Manual Dish

King Dome Stationary Automatic Rv Satellite Systems let you park and push a button to get all of your favorite TV channels. With advanced technology for positive satellite identification and automatic satellite switching, the King-Dome stationary automatic system does all the work for you and is upgradable to in-motion if your needs change.

Important Features:

  • Dual LNB for two receivers
  • DVB for positive satellite ID
  • Automatic satellite switching
  • One touch operation
  • Smart search of the southern sky
  • HDTV compatible*
  • Low Profile - 12" high

Automatic Satellite TV Service Provider Compatibility
DIRECTV  -  101
DIRECTV HD*  -  101, 110, 119
DISH 500  -  110, 119
DISH 1000 HD  -  61, 110, 119 (or) 110, 119, 129
Bell ExpressVU  -  91
Bell ExpressVU HD  -  82, 91

King-Dome Systems are compatible with Dish Network and Bell ExpressVU HDTV.

*Optional HD converter required to receive specially formatted HD signals from DIRECTV 110 satellite.  These antennas do not receive DIRECTV Ka band signals from satellites 99 and 103.

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