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Rv Spray-Port™ Only
Rv Spray-Port™ Only

Rv Spray-Port™ Only

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Spray-Port™ Only, White
Part Number: 888602
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Feature: Phoenix
Feature: Hardware > Plumbing > Hoses
Feature: Hose Accessories
Feature 5 9.49
Designed by an RVer for RVers! Use on the dog, the kids, surfboard, bike, windshield or anything within 15’ of the RV. Utilizing a quick connect brass fitting with shutoff, just connect the coil hose for immediate pressure controlled by the pistol grip sprayer. Easily installed through the sidewall near a cold water line. Back-flow preventer keeps ground water from being sucked back into the vehicle. ½” diameter male brass fitting allows for easy connection to water supply. This is the port only. RV Spray-Away Complete-888601

Spray-Port™ only.

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