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Shock Absorber, Gas Pressure
Shock Absorber, Gas Pressure

Shock Absorber, Gas Pressure

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Feature: Bilstein
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Feature: Shock Absorber
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•Superior ride control and comfort in any situation with gas pressure shock absorbers •Greatly increases overall vehicle stability •Eliminates excessive sway and bouncing •Improves control and handling characteristics •Maintains safe, smooth and comfortable ride •Experience precise, confident, controlled and safe driving with a Bilstein equipped RV. Unlike the one size fits all approach of original equipment or heavy-duty shocks, Bilstein shocks are designed for your specific vehicle application providing you with a safe and comfortable ride. Self-adjusting digressive piston instantly reacts and adjusts for any condition . . . smooth road, rough road or no road. Provides maximum vehicle body motion control while maintaining superior comfort. High pressure nitrogen gas and floating dividing piston eliminates the possibility of oil forming and performance loss. Monotube design provides superior strength while maximizing heat dissipation and increasing shock life. One piece aluminum rod guide and seal keeps dirt out and maintains a nearly friction free surface for longer life.

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